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The Eliot at Erie Station is conveniently located in the heart of scenic Hudson Valley in Middletown, New York. Vibrant and relaxed at the same time, Middletown offers many recreational options such as a multiplex cinema, bowling alleys, beautiful libraries and wonderful restaurants. The Eliot at Erie Station is also just minutes from The Galleria Mall; the Woodbury Commons Outlets are just a short ride away.

When living at home is no longer a safe and viable option, The Eliot at Erie Station offers a wonderful solution. We provide Residential and Personal Care Service in a home like setting. Since we understand that any major change can be disruptive and confusing, The Eliot At Erie Station offers a Licensed Assisted Living Program which allows us to provide more health care services while giving our residents the option to comfortably age in place. Our hardworking staff is comprised of dedicated care professionals who aim to provide a safe as well as warm environment for our residents. Your loved ones will receive the care they need while retaining a familiar environment.


Check in your “to-do list” by our doorstep. Leave the groceries, cleaning, and all other daily chores to us! The Eliot at Erie Station residents get to enjoy their new freedom in a comfortable, clean and home-like environment surrounded by friends and people who will do whatever it takes to help. Our robust roster of (amenities and) services was designed from the perspective of our residents. It’s how we at The Eliot at Erie Station would want to be treated too.

The Eliot at Erie Station offers Residential & Personal Care Services like no other setting. Our residents have come to expect the same level of comfort and security as they would enjoy in their own homes.

  • Studio, one bedroom and semi private suites
  • Three delicious homemade meals and refreshments daily
  • Special diets offered based on dietary needs
  • Daily recreational activities. 
  • 24 hour Security and Receptionist Services
  • Daily Housekeeping Services
  • Assistance with Medication Management
  • Personal Care and Bathing Assistance
  • Laundry and Linen Services
  • Arrangement with Transportation for Medical Appointments
  • Emergency call system
  • Complete fire protection system
  • Beauty Parlor
  • Cable Television
  • WIFI

Assisted Living Program

  • Provides Nursing & Personal Care in a home like setting
  • Allows your loved ones to age in place as opposed to moving to a nursing home
  • Assisted Living Program costs are covered by NYS Medicaid
  • Learn more about the Assisted Living Program

Shiasha Mann

Executive Director

Three words to describe you and your job title at the Eliot?
Innovative. Passionate. Enthusiastic.

What city do you live in?
Port Jervis.

Do you have a favorite sport or hobbies?
My favorite thing to do when I am not working is spending quality time with my kids and bowling.

Favorite Movie or Series?
Lifetime Series is my all time favorite.

Favorite Ice Cream?
My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip.

Would you time travel to the future or past?
I would love to travel to the past and relive memorable times with my mom.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love meeting new people and interacting with them daily doing fun Activities. I enjoy bringing out the creative side in each resident and listening to their life experiences.

What tip would you give prospective residents and their families?
I would inform incoming residents and their family members that their loved one will be greatly taken care of. The staff is dedicated to providing exceptional care.

Susan Manu

Director of Medication Management

I reside in Milford, Pennsylvania.

I have been working at The Eliot at Erie Station since April 17, 2011

I graduated Law School (College) in Romania, Europe, and TCI College in New York, and I have been in this field since 2004.

I am the medication supervisor. I coordinate the service/assistance plans to meet health needs of the residents and promote wellness. I distribute prescriptions received from the pharmacy as prescribed by the residents ‘physician, keeping records of medications received, their ordering and maintaining that all residents have their supply of needed medication. I assist residents in daily medication regimen.
My hobbies are reading, writing, gardening and baking.

My favorite movie is “Bird Spin.”

What I enjoy most about my my job is helping people and seeing them happy.

John Hill

Lead Nurse

My role is lead nurse and it is significant in the company because the residents in the building are receiving assistance and have particular needs. I provide the reassessment and Plan of Care for their care as well as communication with their primary physician and participation in an interdisciplinary approach to give them the highest quality of life lead with the greatest amount of autonomy.

The thing I like about my role the best is the interaction with the residents, Personalized care and getting to know the residents help me get a feeling for how I can develop their plan based on the individual making it patient centered care.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors, particularly I enjoy Archery.

I don’t have a favorite superhero or cartoon character, I think power of the sort leads to problems but if you are a genuine person and have true altruistic motives in life than that person is someone I would call a hero.

Jarelyss Gordon

Case Manager

What is your role and why is it significant to the company? My role as case manager is significant since I oversee all aspect of resident care. I work to ensure the residents are cared for and all needs are being meet.

What you like about your specific role or about the company as a whole? I enjoy interacting and building individual relationships with the residents. I love working alongside a team of individuals who go above­ and-beyond to ensure the resident care is at the forefront.

A fun fact about you or something you do in your spare time.
In my spare time, I like to travel, Hike and Read Books.

Who is your favorite superhero or cartoon character and why do you like him/her?
My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman exemplifies strength and independence.

Kristin Jackson


What is your role and why is it significant to the company? I am responsible for scheduling and confirming our resident’s personal care and skilled nursing services, as well as employee scheduling for our clinical staff.

What you like about your specific role or about the company as a whole? I love working with the staff and residents

A fun fact about you or something you do in your spare time.
I am an EMT. In my spare time I pick up shifts on the ambulance

Who is your favorite superhero or cartoon character and why do you like him/her?
Thor is my favorite! Not only is he the most handsome superhero in the marvel universe his powers and super strength are fun to watch.

Maulana Davis

Human Resource

What is your role and why is it significant to the company? The Human Resource role is significant because I assist in identifying and hiring talent. I also work with staff members to ensure everyone is in compliance with company policies.

What you like about your specific role or about the company as a whole? I enjoy finding talent that work well with the facility. I enjoy working with our staff to ensure all matters are resolved.

A fun fact about you or something you do in your spare time.
I enjoying gardening, cooking and hosting themed parties in my home with friends and family.

Who is your favorite superhero or cartoon character and why do you like him/her?
My favorite super hero is Zena the Warrior Princess because she is strong and helps others. Although she was a bit bad in the past.

Nicole Wright

Business Office Manager

I reside in New Hampton, New York, in the outskirts of Middletown.

I have worked at The Eliot for 11 years.

I graduated from Goshen High School.

I have been working since I was 15 In various different fields, including retail, fast food, office clerk, office manager (3 positions), pharmacy, clerical data entry, admin assist, and Manpower temp agency.

My duties include all business aspects of running the facility. I assist all departments to ensure that our residents are receiving the highest level of care on a daily basis.

My hobbies are kickboxing, working out fitness, roller skating, mud runs, gardening mowing lawn, cooking/baking, playing with kids, and taking care of my family.

I do not drink, but if and when I do, I like tequila and Smirnoff flavored beers.

Favorite series is “True Blood;” I like scary, thrilling or funny movies.

I most enjoy about my job in interacting with all kinds of individuals and helping people making them feel good.

The tip I would give to prospective residents and their families is to come and relax and let us do all the work. It’s a fun filled loving environment.

When I walked into the facility there were Residents sitting out front. Loved the decorations and the residents were very welcoming and engaging. Inside the lobby it was busy with Residents sitting, socializing watching TV, reading and preparing for their day. All staff I encountered were friendly, warm and knowledgeable. I was impressed with my time spent at The Eliot Erie Station.

– Patty M.

We are greatly appreciative of the loving care & understanding our loved one has received in the 2 plus years she has lived at the Eliot. Eliot employees are also extended family. Observing the staff loving and caring for, not just our loved one but, all the residents, assures us we made the correct decision. The service you provide takes patience and loving care. The Eliot does this and for that we are extremely blessed in the decision we were forced to make. Our experiences alone have earned The Eliot the right to be proud. She is very happy there. She has made new friendships and reacquainted with relationships from her younger years since she has been there, she is and has always been a social person.
We thank you for keeping our precious loved one involved in every day life.

– Mary Z.

When I walked into The Eliot I immediately noticed the staff were smiling, residents looked happy and were having a great time at activities, everyone said hello as I walked by! David was able to answer all my questions and Nicole ran the office like a true professional. When my Dad is finally ready to make a decision, The Eliot is definitely on top of the list.

– Dan C.

Staff was very helpful and polite. My family member always has good things to say and I am at peace knowing they are in great hands.

– tdouble126

The Eliot at Erie Station houses only approximately 100 residents. They offer three meals a day, laundry washed and folded, room cleaned, and bed made every day. They have a chain of command for any complaints. The staff is really good, and I get my meds every day. They’d send somebody upstairs to get my meds to me if they forgot them. They’re very good at what they do. They have a DJ, celebrate birthdays, and go to the Wal-Mart or the Rosemont. One of their cooks used to own a restaurant in Middletown, so the food is very good. They have three meals a day and also have what they call the country kitchen on each floor, and in between meals, they have coffee and snacks. Their staff is knowledgeable. This place is very good. They base the price more or less on your income to make sure that you’ve got money left for yourself. They charge one price for a double room if you want a roommate, one price for a single room, and one price for a single room with a bathroom, your own bathtub, and shower. They have anything you want. The people who work there are very nice and outgoing. They have a physical therapist who comes in and a doctor comes in once a week.

– Ed Z.

Age really is just a number. Our seniors enjoy a wide variety of social and private activities offered on a daily basis. From Yoga, Bingo and Manicures to Sunday Mass, Baking Clubs and Horse Racing, our programming is truly unique. See here for yourself!

    Eliot at Erie Station
    12 John Street
    Middletown, NY 10940
    Tel: 845-342-2077